Welcome to Hello Fitness Brighton | Find YOUR Strong!

Through movement, we can feel stronger and more confident in our bodies and what they can do. 

I’ve got you.

Through lockdown 3.0 I’m introducing FREE movement snacks for those struggling to commit to 60 minutes of exercise and would rather break movement down into accessible and sustainable chunks.  Visit my Facebook page for more details.

I am a women’s fitness coach and pilates instructor specialising in strength training, back care and movement for ALL women, including new mums and peri to post menopausal clients.

I am also a body image campaigner with an intuitive approach to exercise. This means that I believe in listening to your body and finding your strong!

All women. All bodies.♡

BE REAL Campaign Ambassador


“Your body is an instrument, NOT an ornament”.  Lindsay and Lexie Kite, Beauty Redefined.

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Hello Fitness provides inclusive, and friendly classes and a bespoke online membership programme for all ages and fitness levels. 



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