Do you want to feel good?

Welcome to Hello Fitness Brighton!

Fitness for EveryBODY. ONLINE.

Hello Fitness is run by Christine Chessman.

Through movement, I help people to use their bodies to feel strong and more confident.  Over the next few weeks and months as the world adapts to its ever changing reality, all of my classes will be hosted ONLINE with one to ones available outdoors or via ZOOM.

I am also offering 4 FREE Facebook live workouts per week, which will also be available here.

Movement is such a vital part of people’s physical and indeed MENTAL health.  To combat isolation, let’s come together and move. ♡

BE REAL Campaign Ambassador

Hello Fitness aims to empower, energise, support and challenge you through movement. Fitness for EveryBODY.

ONLINE Programmes & classes

Hello Fitness provides inclusive, and friendly classes and bespoke exercise programmes for all ages and fitness levels in Brighton & Hove


ONLINE Core Strength, HIIT, and Functional Fitness Classes
ONLINE 1 to 1 Sessions
Fitness and Body Confidence Workshops
Mum and Baby Sessions (Back soon)
ONLINE Strength for Runners Class *NEW