“You weren’t born hating your body”.

Welcome to part 10 of my ‘Why We Move’ series! This is a series of interviews with a range of amazing trainers who believe in a non appearance based and weight neutral approach to fitness.

Jordan is a personal trainer and online coach with an anti-diet, health at every size approach to fitness. ⁣⁣
In her own words, she is passionate about helping women gain the happiness and confidence they may have lost due to diet culture and its messed up ways. She believes that we weren’t born hating our bodies and she wants women to fall back in love with themselves again.

I have yet to met Jordan but am so pleased to have connected with her.  She is strong, resilient, fights for what she believes in and cares deeply about the reason behind people’s motivation to move.

If you haven’t already, look her up and learn more about her journey towards intuitive movement.*

Here’s Jordan:

Q.1 What do you define as ‘joyful movement’?

Joyful movement to me is anything that makes me feel good and anything I enjoy. Whether it be walking, dancing or lifting weights, if it makes me happy and feel good then thats my joyful movement. 

Q.2 What is your earliest memory of moving for fun and pure joy? 

As a child growing up in Cornwall I used to love bodyboarding in the sea and generally being outdoors. One of my earliest memories would probably be always climbing trees, If there was a tree I’d be trying to climb it!  

Q.3 Do you feel you listen to your body as far as movement is concerned or do you follow a specific programme or schedule? 

In all honesty I do both. When I’m training in the gym i have a program to follow that I create myself for some structure and progression. However, I listen to my body and how/when it wants to move. If I want to rest I will, if I want to go to a dance class or a walk instead of the gym then I’ll do that. I used to feel guilty for this but I soon learned it’s much more beneficial for both my mind and body to exercise in the way I feel at that moment. 

Q.4 If exercise had ZERO impact on how your body looks, would your exercise choices be different? 

If you asked me that a year or 2 ago my answer would be yes. But now my answer is no. I move to keep mobile, keep fit and to keep my mind happy.  

Q.5 Why do you move?  (What motivates you and how does movement make you feel?) 

 To keep my joints mobile, to keep my heart, lungs and bones strong, to be able to take part in a range of fun activities, to give myself a break from work and stress, to get the buzz you get after exercising. Being able to do all of this is a privilege and I’m grateful my body allows me to move. I am a much happier person once I’ve moved. Sitting all day gets me in a slump and I don’t even realise until i do some exercise and think:

” Wow, I feel much better now!”


*Jordan currently offers outdoor and home visits 1:1 PT sessions in and around Leicester as well as remote online training. For more information please visit my website www.gymandtonicpt.com
Instagram: @jg_gymandtonic
Facebook: Gym & Tonic Fitness & Wellness