Why We Move

Launching Monday 15th June

“Untangling exercise and weight loss may be hard but it’s absolutely possible.”

(@laurenleavellfitness from Lauren Leavell Fitness) .

My idea behind this venture, is to disrupt the current rhetoric within the fitness industry, that allows only ONE version of the so called fitness “ideal”. This project will feature a series of interviews with a range of health first fitness professionals, ALL of whom believe in the need for us to see representation and diversity at every level in fitness.

These PTs, Yoga, Pilates and Fitness Instructors, believe that weight is not a measure of health and that fitness should not be based on how your body looks, but what it can do.

I have asked each of the women involved 5 questions about moving for joy and when they stopped viewed their bodies as an ornament to be viewed but rather an instrument to be used.

Watch this space…….