Our Next Venture……

A couple of weeks ago Claudine and I ran our first Think-Eat-Move workshop.  We were both so nervous as we felt so passionate about the message we were attempting to get across.

We had too much content; talked too much; started late; had some technical difficulties and ran over our 2 hour slot:)

HOWEVER, we had the most wonderful and helpful feedback from the women in the room and when asked about the most useful part of the workshop, one of our participants wrote :

“Being in a community, safe space sharing ourselves….Sparking conversations, sowing seeds of change for me to reflect on!” 

These words alone made the workshop worthwhile.

This was a learning curve for us as a team, but we are ready for the challenge and so eager to spread the message further.

Thanks to Sam for the beautiful photos xx

What WAS the message?

Our message was to encourage people to let go of the “shoulds” they tell themselves about body image, food and exercise.   Megan Jayne Crabbe aka @bodyposipanda highlights this further when she writes:

“We are obsessed with our bodies. Or rather, we are obsessed with everything that’s wrong with our bodies.  We are obsessed with shrinking our bodies, toning our bodies, sculpting our bodies, getting lean and perking up, burning fat and slimming down, flattering our figures and flattening our stomachs, accentuating curves and disguising ‘flaws’, battling the bulge, beating the scale, dropping dress sizes and becoming the best version of ourselves that we can be!”

Wow! How utterly exhausting!!

In our NEXT workshop (coming soon!) we hope to show people that there is a different way and that as Naomi Wolf so beautifully surmises:

“We do not need to change our bodies we need to change the rules.”


PS – Watch this space for another March workshop; an Embrace screening; a 6 week course; a photo shoot AND much much more.

(Visit https://www.berealcampaign.co.uk for more information about how body image issues affect so many of us and how we can get involved in the campaign to promote change especially with our young people!)