Meet Health First Fit Pro Hannah….

WOW we’re at part 9 of the ‘Why We Move’ series already and perfect timing to introduce you to lovely birthday girl Hannah Jacobi. 🎂🎂🎂

I am so excited to be featuring Hannah today.  Although we’ve not yet met in person, there is a real warmth to Hannah and you can tell she builds real rapport with her clients through her personable yet professional approach.

In her own words, Hannah does NOT weigh or measure her clients. She does not offer quick fixes, but rather the opportunity to enjoy training as part of an fun and sustainable lifestyle.

She chooses to train in this way because she has experienced first hand the damage that a negative relationship with exercise and food can have.

You can find Hannah  @hannahlouisejacobi

Meanwhile, here’s our chat………

Q.1 Hannah, what do you define as ‘joyful movement’?

I define joyful movement as any way of moving your body that changes your mood for the better and brings positivity into your day. Joyful movement is not about punishing yourself or burning off calories, it’s about moving your body for the sheer joy of it, without any expectation of physical changes as a consequence.

Q.2 What is your earliest memory of moving for fun and pure joy?

As I write this I have a photo in front me of me aged 2 or 3 at Tumble Tots. I loved jumping around and running as a child. I took up gymnastics and absolutely loved it. It was so fun to jump, swing off the bars and tumble!

Q.3 Do you feel you listen to your body as far as movement is concerned or do you follow a specific programme or schedule?

Funnily enough, I find myself sticking to more of a schedule now we’re in Lockdown as it gives my week some structure. I aim to move my body anywhere between 3-6 times a week. This could be a bodyweight session, or a weighted session using the kettlebells or resistance bands I have at home, it could be a walk or a run. I try not to make my schedule too rigid e.g. Monday = Leg day etc. because I found myself getting hung up if I missed that day or worrying about the physical effects of it. Now I tend to focus on Full Body sessions. I will add though, that even as a PT, sometimes I wake up and am just not feeling it and that’s fine! Come back another day in the right headspace.

Q.4 If exercise had ZERO impact on how your body looks, would your exercise choices be different?

For me, now, I exercise for my mental health, so currently, no! But me a few years ago exercised solely for weight loss and physical change, then I probably would have cut down a fair bit on the amount of exercise I was doing. I’m proud of the balance I’ve achieved over the last few years, but occasionally I do feel myself slipping into that old mindset, then I might take a few days off from exercise and note that nothing bad has happened, nothing has changed apart from being in a better headspace when I return.

Q.5 Why do you move?  (What motivates you and how does movement make you feel?)

I move for my mental health. I move to be strong for my future. I move to keep my joints healthy. I move for future me!

I think movement should be about long-term health, that’s the approach I take with my clients and myself. My strength may fluctuate; my “gains” may come and go but the goal remains the same. The way I exercise now is sustainable and touch wood I could do this until I’m 80!! Long-term health eclipses any desire for abs!



*What is ‘Why We Move’ project about?  It is a series of interviews with some amazing female fitness professionals who believe in a weight neutral, non diet approach to training.  They all prioritise finding joy in movement, encouraging their clients to set and achieve non aesthetic goals with a focus is NOT on the losses but rather what we can GAIN from training.