Meet Aimee….Not your average PT.

“I move for time on my own.. to clear my mind. I move to energise myself, it wakes me up for the day and makes me feel prepared for whatever comes my way!”

Welcome to ‘Why We Move’ Part 3!

This is a series of interviews with health first pros who believe in finding the joy of movement and setting non appearance based goals.

Next up, we have the lovely Aimee Clark, who likes to think of herself as different to other PTs. She loves to train people, but refuses to base fitness on weight or aesthetic gain💪 *

Here’s our chat…….

Q.1 What do you define as ‘joyful movement’ ? 
Moving my body in ways which improves my mood and emotions rather than my appearance. .

Q.2 What is your earliest memory of moving for fun and pure joy? 
Doing the 3 legged race for sports day in primary school. I didn’t care what I looked like, how sweaty I got and I didn’t connect it to food even in the slightest way possible.

Q.3 Do you feel you listen to your body as far as movement is concerned?
I try and listen as much as I can, although trying to fit my movement around work and childcare sometimes I just have to do whatever I’ve got time for…I’m not strict with it though.

Q.4 If exercise had ZERO impact on how your body looks, would your exercise choices be different?

In the past 100% yes but I don’t think so now.

Q.5 Why do you move? (What motivates you and how does movement make you feel?)

I move for time on my own, to clear my mind and because I generally feel inspired/come up with good ideas when I’m out in the fresh air.
I move to energise myself
I move to socialise
I move to see what my body can do, although I don’t push it to the limit as much or as often as I used to.
Movement makes me feel calm, together, happy, motivated, relaxed, fresh and strong.

. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

*Aimee is a health first personal trainer based in Royston.  Contact her on Instagram and Facebook