Intuitive Movement and the Pandemic♡

It’s blog time!

I have something on my mind.  I made a decision yesterday not to get dragged into futile facebook discussions that are slanderous, unkind and potentially damaging to my mental health and that of others.  It’s lockdown. People have their guard up and opinions and conspiracy theories are flying!   I truly believe in freedom of speech but sometimes the right thing to do is to simply walk away.  I felt strongly that I wanted to add value rather than get embroiled in others’ extreme politics.

SO…….onto exercise during the pandemic.

How much and how often should you move to stay fit and to NOT gain weight during lockdown?

I want to ask you a different question.

What movement truly brings you joy.  How do you feel connected to others.  When do you feel good in your body.

I just wanted to reiterate that although I’m still providing all of my classes via ZOOM, and always encourage people to move their bodies as a way of focussing the mind and easing any stress they are carrying in the body (very long sentence😘), THERE IS NO PRESSURE TO DO ANY OF IT!

If you are struggling to adapt to lockdown and feeling that exercise is another ‘should’ that makes you feel more anxious, or overwhelmed, please just listen to your body and take a break from it.

You are valid now! Exactly as you are.  In the very body you are in today!*

There is a massive link between mental health and movement. Lena Dunham said it took 16 years for her to realise ‘it ain’t about the ass, it’s about the brain’. And if you use exercise in the RIGHT way it can be an amazing tool for our mental health and I believe everyone should have access to that.

So for the weeks or months that we have left in lockdown land, I urge you to find a way of moving that you love and that DOESN’T feel punishing. If you like the burn or want to spend 5 minutes dancing in your kitchen, fantastic! If you’d like something more gentle, listen to your body. If you’d rather just focus on keeping your head above water, be kind to yourself……

Love to you all xxx

*Emma Croman photographed and interviewed me for her ‘Valid‘  project which I felt so privileged to take part in.