GUEST BLOG: ‘Fitness – Expectation vs Reality’

Author: Lisa from Works Out Fitness

Are you ever influenced by social media with its flawless images and workout videos in regards to your own fitness & health goals? Do you find yourself comparing your body to photos that you see on Instagram of fitness models, athletes & fitness professionals? I’ve definitely seen fitness tricks and fancy advanced bodyweight moves on social media which I have tried out casually, only to find myself in a heap on the floor with a feeling of awe at the actual level of skill required to perform such a move.


Do you find yourself comparing your body to photos such as this, that you see on social media?

Social media has it pros, especially with respects to fitness. It’s great for inspiring us with new workout ideas, classes to try and for general motivation in the form of positive quotes and articles. However, it can also set us up with an unrealistic portrayal of body image, a need for immediate results, be that body or skill and a dilusion revolving around the actual amount of training and effort most fancy workouts require. Lets be honest, behind every slick, nicely edited workout video I’m sure there were a few bloopers 😉

Taking pride in your achievements

Therefore, we must take pride in our fitness & health achievements, however small. It is with these that we can build and progress but with the knowledge that it will take time and consistency and that there is no immediate result. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get there, just that it takes some work and commitment.

It’s important to set your fitness & health goals for you, be proud of your personal achievements and be excited for the ups but prepared for some periods of plateau and days where you may not achieve as well, being it as simple as just feeling tired. You are only human after all. Remember and remind yourself that progression will never be a smooth upward incline but that that is part of the journey.

When my clients perfect their form on a standard bodyweight squat for example it actually brings me joy because all progression is good and consistency is definitely key. The more you practise, the better you will become. You just have to keep going. Give yourself credit for taking time out of your day to do any kind of workout, don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t done x4 classes that week.

Enjoy the journey

The expectation vs the reality: you may not always see results but rest assured whatever effort you make when it comes to your fitness & health is well worth it. Enjoy the journey and be proud of yourself. Most importantly have fun 😊

After blurb: About Lisa

Lisa founded Works Out Fitness 3 years ago to share the benefits of regular exercise and to make fitness accessible by offering fun, friendly and inclusive group fitness.  Working full-time in an office, she saw it especially important to motivate and encourage those who are desk-bound to keep active.

Works Out Fitness are at Hove park, 10-11am on Saturday mornings in 6 week programmes. Visit Lisa’s facebook page, where you will find all up to date info and programme dates.

Her sessions are also available on both Class Pass and Move GB.

Thanks a million to Lisa for providing us with her unique perspective on the influences – both positive and negative of social media on our fitness goals and how we should take pride in our achievements, however small 💖