Fresh from TV stardom, it’s Leila!

“I am an intuitive movement, health at every size fitness instructor based in Essex. I believe everyone should feel empowered and inspired to move their body in a joyful manner”.

Leila Hobart, is a game changing fitness instructor, event manager, founder of @inspiremagazineuk and as she describes herself, ‘all round girl boss!’  She was featured on this week’s ‘Sunday Crunch’ segment for Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch programme.

This is part 4 in my ‘Why We Move’ interview series, where I feature inspiring fitness professionals, who believe in joyful movement and listening to their bodies, rather than punishing them for weight loss or aesthetic goals.
Here’s our chat:
Q.1 What do you define as ‘joyful movement’? 

I truly believe that joyful movement means something different to everyone. For me it’s about moving your body in a way that brings you joy and happiness, nothing else. Workouts and fitness should not revolve around punishment or sweating until you feel sick. 

Q.2 What is your earliest memory of moving for fun and pure joy? 

The moment that I stopped worrying about the number of calories or time I’d spent moving. I can’t exactly remember that moment, but I was obsessed with the number of calories I’d burnt and my HR. Now I run and participate in interval training and I love it! I do it for me and I love how I feel so much more energised afterwards. 

 Q.3 Do you feel you listen to your body as far as movement is concerned or do you follow a specific programme or schedule? 

Noooo!! I listen to my body, if I cannot be bothered I won’t do a workout because I know my body is trying to tell me something. Sometimes I do push myself because I know I’ll feel better afterwards but if halfway through the workout I feel rubbish I stop! For example, some weeks I’m able to run 6/7 miles other days I can barely manage 2/3. I stop and walk home but most importantly I don’t punish myself or make myself feel guilty about it. 

Q.4 If exercise had ZERO impact on how your body looks, would your exercise choices be different? 

I have now found a love for different exercise from running to swimming even cycling. I do them because I enjoy them no other reason. I also teach high intensity workouts which I LOVE they leave me feeling energised. 

Q.5 Why do you move?  (What motivates you and how does movement make you feel?) 

My main reason is it makes me feel good, when I’ve finished a run or a workout or any type of exercise my body feels energised. I sleep better and my mind feels  



Leila is also launching the Inspire Fitness festival on 11th July to raise money for BLM non profit org:  Gal-dem and I’m delighted to be taking part♥️💪💜❤️  Contact her @Leilahobart_for more details.