***NEW Timetable and New Class Announcement!***

I know that times are really tough at the moment. As we slowly adapt to our ever changing reality, I have created a little online class timetable for you, detailing my FREE morning sessions as well as my hour long ZOOM classes.


“Never before has strength training, stretching and mobility work been more important for runners.”*

From Monday 30th March,  I am introducing a NEW strength class for runners, which will be limited to 8 places.

At the moment, walking or running outside (when its quiet) is one of the few activities we are able to do, but to prevent injury and for “happy knees”, we need to strengthen our core, glutes, hamstrings and quads. 

I CAN HELP!  Click here for details.

Strength work for runners is a GREAT addition to your training as it offers you the chance to mix it up and optimise full body fitness, but also allows you to target specific muscles that are needed to progress your running💪

(This is also suitable for non-runners and will really help functional strength and core stability.)


*Tom Holland, an exercise physiologist