New Found Confidence ♥️Read Veronica’s story


Veronica was one of the many amazing women I have had the pleasure to teach throughout my time with Bezee Bodies.

BZ Bodies is essentially a tier 2 government funded healthy lifestyle  programme that I’ve had the pleasure of working for over the last year. I was initially a little sceptical wondering how this would be compatible with my body image work. However as the weeks went by, I found that working closely with the nutritionists there and helping people to gain confidence in moving their bodies- some for the first time has been the source of such immense joy for me.

This programme is NOT about dieting. It is about a lifestyle shift for those who for whatever reason find themselves stuck!  The group discuss amongst other topics intuitive eating, emotional eating and ditching the diet.

This approach worked for Veronica who said:

“I was delighted that I was able to keep up with everyone and that my new hip could keep up with all of the exercise!  Christine always told me not to do anything that felt uncomfortable and was very encouraging to the whole group. All of this new found confidence …has really inspired me to complete a minimum of 6000 steps a day but I now usually manage at least 9000!”

Well done Veronica and hopefully your story will inspire others and give them the confidence to move their bodies and realise how strong they actually are ♥️